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Manage your iPod with Windows Media Player

Feel like a change of pace?

Until now your only option for managing music and playing music
on your iPod has been iTunes.

Experience the power of Windows Media Player when combined
with your favourite portable media device.

Start Grooving with wmPod!

  •   Queue up Songs and Playlists directly to
      Windows Media Player.

  •   Manage unlimited playlists and videolists.

  •   Use wmPod's Word Wheel to find songs quicker than ever before.

  •   Import/Export MP3 formatted songs.

  •   Update song information and properties directly.

  •   Support for Virtual iPods (vPod).

  •   Enhanced searching and grouping of songs.

  •   Find duplicate songs and remove them quickly.

  •   Automatic backups – painless restores.

  •   Optimizes iPod storage space.

  •   Connect multiple iPods.

  •   Support for all current models, including the
      'Shuffle' and 'Video'.

About wmPod...

wmPod gives you the option of using Windows Media Player to manage your music collection or play music from your iPod.

Prepare to be amazed! wmPod uses Word Wheel technology to find songs on your iPod faster than ever before.

wmPod is a free plug-in so please tell your friends!

To download your free version Click Here

This software is not to be used to share copyrighted material, or infringe the rights of copyright holders.

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